Thursday, March 12, 2009


A - is for Albums. Remember that for the month of March selected Albums are on sale for 50% off. Here's a few visuals.

B - is Blog Break. I'm taking a blog vacation for a bit. Be back soon.

C- creativity. Be creative while I'm away. At least that's what I'm hoping to do. Been hoping that for awhile now. I'll share what I do. And, just remember creativity is not some thing that is constant. It has to be nurtured. So, nurture your creative side this weekend and make something with paper.



Mrs. Fence said...

Enjoy your blog break, Amy. We'll miss you...

Mona said...

Everyone needs to take a little time off from whatever they are involved with every once in a while. It ususally means we return revived and full of ideas. Can't wait to see yours.

Cindi said...

I hope you enjoy ypur creative side and your blog break. Don't stay gone too long, we will miss you!