Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So a couple post ago I showed you the cute pumpkins made out of folded circles. I left you hanging by saying I had another idea, well here's what I did with mine. I turned it into a card. Mine is pretty basic and simple but you could certainly take the idea and jazz it up a bunch.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall photos

Earlier in the week I encouraged you all to celebrate the first day of fall by taking some photos and said if you sent them to me, I'd post them on the blog. So, here they are. Tracey Allen sent in a few and I'm sharing a few of mine as well. If you're out and about today, pay attention to the details in nature. Fall shows those details more than any other time of the year. Enjoy!

Photo by: Tracey AllenPhoto by: Tracey Allen

Photo by: Amy Williams

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another great one...

If toilet paper pumpkins aren't your thing, we've got another great paper pumpkin idea. This one comes from Cindy Hooks, a favorite customer of ours.

What you do is this:

1- punch out several circles or ovals, 6 to 8.
2- fold them all in half
3- hook them together so that the back of one fold hooks to the back of another fold.
4- repeat step 3 until all circles have been hooked together and a circle is formed.
5- add a stem and some vines and your done!!!

Aren't they cute?!

I took it one step further and will share my idea with you later, check back....


p.s. - anybody take any fall photos? I haven't received any yet and would love to show some on tomorrow's post.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go forth and shoot

Today is the first day of fall! Fall, as I've already said, is by far my favorite season. I love it.

I was thinking about my to-do list today, it's mostly filled with boring everyday household or work related items. They are all things that need to get done but they aren't fun.

So, in honor of the first day of Fall, I've added something fun to my list.

I've assigned myself to go and take fall themed pictures today. Want to join me? If you join in and want to send me your favorite fall photo, I will post it on the blog. Email me at judysscrappin@yahoo.com by Thursday and I will post the photos on Friday.

Go forth and shoot my friends, go forth.

(plus, isn't this cool because after we take the photos we will have fresh art for future cards and layouts!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

time of the year!

I'm not sure about where you live but down here on the coast of Maine, the leaves are starting to change. I'm seeing pumpkins placed for sale at road side stands and we've been enjoying my daughters new found baking skills and have been eating up apple crisp like there's no tomorrow. All these things point to fall. It's here and I'm loving it.

Besides the wonderful things already mentioned, fall seems to be the time I pull out my scented candles. I use them more in the fall. Probably because they are a warm welcoming smell when you come in from a cool evening walk. Pumpkin Spice, Apple Butter and Fresh Apple are a few of my fall favorites.

If you want to treat yourself to a comfort scent this season, remember you can buy scented candles at Judy's. She has all different sizes, shapes, and flavors and I'm sure you'll find one you're sure to love.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

T.P. Pumpkins - edited

edited 9/15

So, my previous post was about a new way to use toilet paper. You know, thinking outside of the bowl, I mean roll. (hehe) And, while there are many other uses for the this household staple my current use is to turn it into pumpkins.

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due. The seed for my creation actually came home in my daughter's backpack last fall. As a class project they made fabric pumpkins out of a toilet paper roll. I loved the idea. However, like most things I do, I have to add my own twist and do it my way. Don't get me wrong, I like fabric. I do. But I LOVE paper. Making things out of paper is just much more of my thing.

So, without further delay, here is my toilet paper pumpkin using fall pattern paper. (Remember Judy just stocked up on new fall papers)

And, in case you want to make one too, here's how I did it....

1- Gather Supplies. You'll need a roll of toilet paper and 2 or 3 sheets of pattern paper. To add interest to the design, I used two different patterns. And, I also chose thinner paper as it was easier to work with.

2- Cut paper into strips. No measuring needed, you just need several strips and if you want to add some texture, crumple the strips just slightly.

3- Wrap roll. Start by sticking one end of a paper strip into the center of the toilet paper roll. (if needed use a little Scotch Tape to hold it in place.) Then, wrap the strip around the outside of the roll and tuck remaining end of the strip into the center of the roll on the opposite end. Repeat this step until you have completely covered the toilet paper roll and your design is complete.

4 - Add details: I don't have a photo of this step, but to complete the pumpkin, just add a brown paper stem and some twisted green paper strips by sticking them in the hole at the top of the pumpkin. (see photo above for a visual)

And, while I prefer the paper covered variety, here's a look at one of them we made with fabric. I failed to mention that with fabric you just use one big square of fabric and you do not cut it into strips. Instead you just set the t.p. in the center of the square and pull all the fabric to the top of the roll and push it into the hole in the middle of the roll. It's easy but I still like the paper ones better.


P.S. - Seriously! Pop into Judy's soon to see her new fall papers. Bo Bunny and Reminisce both have some great paper lines and to top it off, new Basic Grey will be arriving this week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A most curious post!

I bet you never thought you'd see the day when you'd open this blog and find a picture of toilet paper to greet you. We'll today is the day!

Someone once described me by using this quote. (I think it was a compliment or maybe it was just a way to say they thought I was strange - either way, it fits)

"Once in a while it really hits people
that they don't have to experience the world
in the way they have been told to."

- Alan Keightley

And, oddly enough, this quote fits perfectly for an upcoming project. Did you know there is more than one use for toilet paper. We'll, of course there is, silly!

Stay tuned.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Doesn't the start of September feel like the start of a new year? It kind of does to me. All the changes, new routines, and hope of fall harvests are a wonderful thing. I've been absent for far to long, and while I make no promises that I'll be a loyal blogger, I'm going to try again.

So, with that said HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!!

P.S. - Check out the new card class information in the side bar. Sounds like Lisa has a great Halloween card class coming up.