Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!

The staff at Judy's wishes you all a


We hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and memories in the making.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Something new

Thought you might all want to see this...

This is called the Round-it-all!

It is a heavy duty corner rounder. Most corner rounders can only cut cardstock. Not this one, it can round all sorts of stuff, thick stuff too, like chipboard, leather, and even acrylic - now that is cool!

We only stocked a few so get them while you can.

Friday, November 21, 2008

more product

I'm guessing that you want to see some more new product. These stamps are awesome....

And so are these... (love the frog!)

and yep, you guessed it, so are these...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

House Mouse

This gives a literal meaning to "mouse pad" - isn't it cute? Great gift idea! And here's another gift idea on those same lines....

We love House-Mouse and we know you do too because we can't keep it in stock. And, while it's not House-Mouse related, I thought you might like to see another shot of the inside of the store. It's a lot more open now.

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Work It Wednesday - Nov. 19

Guess What? Today's Work It Wednesday project comes to you compliments of my kids.

I wanted to post something Thanksgiving related. Sure, I could show you a template for a Thanksgiving layout, or a pattern for a card. I could do that but really, wouldn't you rather make turkey plates instead?

Ok, so this idea isn't going to be for everyone. However, Thanksgiving is just a week away and you may be hosting a dinner. You may be having children come to your house. You may be looking for something that can entertain those kids while you put the finishing touches on dinner. If so, than this Work It Wednesday is for you.

As usually, Work It Wednesday is about using your stash and doing so in a way that maybe you haven't thought of before. So, pull out your scraps of paper, a button or two, and anything else you think the kids could use. And, then have them craft their own dinner plate.

If you were a kid, wouldn't you like to eat your meal on a specially made plate. Especially one made from scrapbook supplies that are probably usually off limits - I would! And, my kids did.

Try it - it's fun! Plus, it uses up lots of scraps and that is always a good thing.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Calling all Customers

Calling all Judy's Customers....

Hey, just wanted you to know that Judy's been busy! She has re-arranged her store, made room for more stock and if you haven't stopped in to see it, you should.

Just the paper wall alone is amazing! She's extended it all the way down, and into the back area of the store. There's a photo below, but seeing it in person is better. With it all grouped together, it is pure eye candy for us paper lovers!

All other areas in the store have changed too. More photos to come soon .... gotta go for now though!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work It wednesday - Nov. 12

It's been awhile since I talked about the crop. In fact, a month has now past but I'm still thinking about all the great ideas I saw and were inspired by. I shared on a previous post an idea for a gift card holder that Tracy and Cindi were making, well, here's another one of their cool creations.

They had taken different Cuttlebug dies and had made all sorts of card panels. Then, they were playing around with inks to give the embossed designs some color. I loved the results they were getting and thought it was such a great idea and it looked like a fun thing to try.

If you remember right, you don't have to buy a machine to use these embossing dies. You just need a rolling pin and a firm table and you can use these dies to make your own cool card panels.

It's such a cool idea and another fun way to take a basic idea and extend it into something new.


P.S. The Cuttlebug dies shown are all from a recent shipment and are now on the floor. They are one of our fastest moving items, so if you see one you like call the store and reserve it or better yet, stop in and pick it up. Tell Judy Amy sent ya!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looky, Looky

I was going to title this post "looky, looky and I'm off to play hooky". I grew up out west, in Utah to be exact, and playing hooky meant you were skipping school. Does it mean that here? I wasn't sure if it meant the same thing or perhaps, umm something sketchy. Anyway, my point (I do have one!). I'm taking a blog break for a few days and just wanted to let you know I'll be gone. You can look for a new post on Wednesday when I will have fun stuff to show using the Cuttlebug dies. But until then, I wanted to leave you with some fabulous photos of some new papers we just put out.

Seriously, isn't this monkey paper adorable???

And the artwork on these are beautiful. I especially like the horses and actually, the turkeys too.

These are cool too. Rock and Roll and Skiing - awesome!!!

If you want to see some more new stuff pop into the store while I'm away. I hear Judy has been busy re-arranging and restocking. She's extended the paper wall all the way to the back of the store and has a bunch of new items she's put out on the floor. Pop in and say hi and check it out.

Until Wednesday...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Work It Wednesday

Hey all. Sorry for the late post. Here's an oldie but a goldie....

At the crop Windy (See THIS post for info on Windy) showed me some little wallet albums she had made using an idea from a past class I taught at Judy's. These may sound familiar to you because I also shared this idea and the "how-to" on a previous blog post as well. (You can find that info here - A Wallet For Dad )

Anyway, for work it Wednesday today the idea is just to re-use an idea. Simple enough, right? If you made an album for Dad in June, why not make a cute, fancy brag-book wallet album for mom for Christmas? With the holidays coming up it's a good idea to revisit those previous ideas and projects and see how you can twist them to make them into something slightly different.

I love what Windy has done with this idea. These little albums look like real little wallets. She used specialty papers on them to dress them up and they look fabulous. (Thanks Windy for sharing them with us!) If you are interested in following suit, you can inquire about specialty papers at Judy's.


Monday, November 3, 2008

On to the next....

I survived Halloween. How 'bout you? Now it's on to the next holiday, Thanksgiving. Here's a quick peek at a little Thanksgiving themed kit we have for sale in the store. It comes with all the
papers, stickers, journaling papers and circle album. Plus, there is a photo sheet included in case you'd like to make the pages the same as we did.

It's a cute little kit and one that would be great for recording all that you are thankful for this month.