Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday - more new products

The new product of the day are these fun decorative pillows. They are in the gift shop area and would make a great gift for someone special. Especially the Mom and Grandma pillows.

Have a good weekend. I'll be back with a new post on Monday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Product - Friday

Really Quick ..... Here are some shots of some new jewelry we've stocked. I know it's hard to see the details, but, isn't it beautiful?!

The bracelets are really cool. They have words written all around them. Here's a close-up.

Wouldn't these make a great gift? Even if it's a gift for yourself.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Product - Thursday

I showed some Halloween Cuttlebug things last week but here are some others we stocked up on. These make awesome card fronts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Work It Wednesday (On Tuesday Night) - Repetition


1 a: the act or an instance of repeating or being repeated

Today's Work It Wednesday is less about a project and more about a reminder on how to achieve good design in your projects. There are all kinds of design rules and tips that can be followed but one of my most used is Repetition.

Repetition is simple. Just take one design element that you've put on your layout (or Card) and then repeat it again. And, to get the best result, it is best to vary the size. Below are some pages from a mini album kit that we sold in the store last spring. The album title and theme was Family Circle so on each of the layouts in the mini album I repeated the idea of the circle.

On the first layout there are 11 Circles, 12 if you count that actual outer shape. The sizes all vary and go from the large punched circles all the way down to the little blue brad holding the ribbon.

The second shows the circles repeated in a more obvious way. They are all the same size and in a line to make a quick border.

Anyway, next time you are designing something and are stumped, try picking a design element and repeating it. You don't always have to go with shape either. Repetition can be in your theme, in your colors, in your font style, etc...

And, just in case you wanted to see the new Product of the day pick - here it is:

These beautiful items are new to our gift shop and are simply beautiful. And, I love how the leaves are repeated in different sizes on both pieces! :)


P.S - If you haven't paid for your crop space, don't forget that Saturday is the deadline or your space will be released and given to someone on the waiting list.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Papers

I have a weakness for cool pattern papers. Always have and probably always will. And, when we get new lines in stock I tend to get really excited. Luckily, through this blog, I can share these new things with you. So, here's some new papers we recently put out on the floor.

Aren't they yummy!!!

and here are some new Christmas papers from the same company.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's a new week

It's a new week and it will be a busy one for me. My in-laws are flying in and will stay for awhile. I'm shuffling things around, re-arranging bedrooms, washing sheets and making welcome signs. Plus, I'm finalizing crop details and trying to work my new part-time job all the while trying to keep kids happy and healthy and maintain normal family life .... does it sound like I'm complaining? Oops, sorry about that! I really do have a point. Let me get there. Because this week will be busy, I won't be on the computer much. So, just as a heads-up, my post will be short but I will post daily. In fact, I plain to highlight a new product each day.

Seriously, I know you're busy too so this will work great for both of us. Sound good? Of course it does! Here's our first...

We've stocked up on some great new punches. I love the swirly-Mcjig. It's awesome to have it in punch form so you don't have to take out the big die cuts or electric machine to make it. And, do you know how many times I've to hand cut an exclamation mark - too many to count! So, these punches are cool. Very cool, indeed! There are just a limited number on hand of each design so if you think you are interested in them, get them quick.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Halloween Products

As you know, yesterday was Wednesday and should have been Work It Wednesday. You'll have to forgive me I completely forgot. Moving on though, here are some pictures of the new product I mentioned last week.

Yesterday Judy sent me 5 emails, all full of fun images of our new stock. Over the next little while I will show them all to you but for starters, I'll stick with the Halloween/fall theme I started last week.

Up first are some adorable $1 stamps - LOVE THEM!!! (I can just see stamping a border of repeated haunted houses along the edge of a Halloween themed layout.)

Next are some Halloween themed Cuttlebug embossing plates (did you know you don't have to have a Cuttlebug machine to use these? It's true, Judy uses them with a rolling pin - ask her to give you a demo the next time your in the store.)

And last but not least are some new items in the gift shop. I love the carved pumpkin - I love how it could be used now and stay out until Thanksgiving. I'm big on decor items that serve more than one Holiday and these carved pumpkins certainly do that. You could use it for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving - now that is stretching your decor dollar!

We have a bunch of other stuff too. If you are curious about it, and don't want to wait for my next post, head on into the shop and check them out.


Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was talking in my last post that the signs of Fall are certainly starting to show up. And, forgive me if you've seen this photo before, but candles are another one of those things that seem to say fall to me.

I love the smell of spiced candles, like pumpkin spice or cinnamon apple - just thinking about them makes me want to go and light one right now. Anyhow, my point, it seems every fall I buy a new candle. This year will be no different. If you are like me and that is something you enjoy doing too, remember that Judy's has a large selection of candles. All different sizes and brands. And, don't forget candles make great little "just because" gifts for friends.

And, another sign of fall for me are all of the little gourds and small pumpkins that are starting to surface at the farm stands and in the grocery stores.

If you are looking for another fun, Fall decoration (and here's a first - it's not paper craft related) you could try your hand at making these little Gourd Guys. This photo is from last year, but today we are heading out on a nature walk to collect all the needed pieces and will be crafting up a few more to sit on our doorstep this year.

The easiest way to explain how to do this is to first go out for a walk and collect leaves, acorns, pinecones, and even rocks. Then spread out all your finds, arm yourself with a glue gun and let your imagination go wild. It's so fun. And, I must admit a little addicting. You'll make one and then want to make more...


P.S. Start watching for new product updates next week. Judy has rearranged the store and has put new items out and I will be sharing some of them soon.

P.S.S - Today is the last day to pay for the crop and be included in the door prize drawing. Most of our crop attendees have already paid but those of you that haven't, just a quick reminder that payment needs to be in by September 27th or your space will be released and given to those on the waiting list. (Sorry to be so firm on this. Unfortunately at our last crop we turned people away that were on the waitlist but then had people who had signed up, said they were coming, and then they didn't show. Their space could have been given to someone else had we known. I hope you understand.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Work It Wednesday - BOO project and Class info.

Fall is my most favorite time of the year. I like the cooler weather, I enjoy the comfort of a warm sweater and I love the leaves changing. It was made pretty clear to me today that fall is finally arriving here in Maine. For the first time in months, I had to put on a sweater in the house and the wind outside is just a bit too nippy for a short sleeve shirt. Plus, have you noticed all the fall and Halloween themed home decor that is hitting shelves in stores around town, Judy's included?

So, in honor of the change of seasons and for my sister Liz, today's Work It Wednesday is a fun little home decor item you can make to hang on your door. And, like all Work It Wednesday's, it's just another way to use up your paper crafting supplies.

What you will need:
- Wooden letters to spell out the word of choice
(I found mine at Walmart)
- Various scrapbook papers (you can find lots and lots at Judy's)
- Modpodge
- Scissors
- Ribbon
- Embellishments (if desired)
- Paint and paint brush
- Sand paper (if desired)

Here's how:
- If desired, paint the edges of the wooden letters and let dry.
- Trace your wooden letter onto the back of your paper and then cut the traced shape out.
- Add an even coat of mod podge to the wooden letter and adhere paper into place. Let dry completely and resist the urge to pop or mush any bubbles should you get them on your paper.
- Once dry, add a top coat of mod podge over the paper.
- When the top coat is dry, you can sand the edges of each letter and add ribbon to hang the letters together.
- Embellish as desired, (I added little ghosts I found at Judy's to repeat the Halloween theme.)

This is a really easy project that comes together rather quickly. You can do all sorts of words and for all sorts of occasions.

And, since we are showing Halloween stuff, you should know that Lisa Crosby is back and has an upcoming Halloween card class scheduled. Here's all the details:

When: Saturday, October 4th
Time: 10 AM
Where: At Judy's Shop
Theme: Halloween Cards
Description: This class is definitely a treat and there may even be a trick or too, but it's all fun! You will be making 8 cards all having to do with Halloween. Bring your favorite adhesive along with some foam tape or pop dots. Come join the fun - it will be bewitching!
Cost: $30

If interested you can email or call the store to reserve your space.


Monday, September 8, 2008

High School stuff

In case you didn't know, we've started carrying these custom laser cut high school logos. (We have others designs and other schools too.) With high school sports now getting into full swing, these are great to have on hand for a quick card or for a layout embellishment. Ask about them the next time you are in the store. They are truly unique and I might add, very cool to boot!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Orono Days - Part 2

As you know Orono Days is this coming Saturday. I mentioned on a previous post that there will be some specialty tables set up outside the store. Rose will be there with her beautiful line of jewelry called Jewels By Design (see previous post) . There will also be a wood worker there as well, selling his creations (sorry I don't have a photo) and I will be there with a table of my own.

My daughter and I have been crafting away and have some fun stuff to share. Her items are kid-friendly and mostly geared for girls. Hair accessories, Purses and bracelettes. Here's a little sneak peek...

I will also have a few of my own designs and creation on hand as well so we hope you'll come on over and say hi.

And, the most important news of all....

Judy's is having a huge sale!

On Saturday, for Orono Days, everything that is stamping, card making and scrapbooking related is going to be 20% off - plus, she already has stuff marked down, so you'll get an additional 20% off the already reduced price. (The sale does not apply to gift shop items) This is a great time to stock up on everything from paper to adhesive.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Work It Wednesday

It's pretty late in the day but it's still Wednesday. So that means I can still do Work It Wednesday. Today's idea comes from Judy. If you are like me you probably have a bunch of card-stock, die-cut quotes somewhere in your stash. These quotes may be left over from a kit you bought or maybe you even bought them individually for a project but then never used them.

Judy's idea is a brilliant one! She has taken some wooden blocks and her quotes and has turned them into great little home decor items or little gifts. Check them out...

I don't have step-by-step instructions for you but I think you can get the general idea just from looking at the photo. So next time you are digging through your stash and come across a card-stock quote, set it aside and then follow Judy's lead and do something creative with it.

And, if you don't want to make your own, Judy does have some of her creations up for sell at the shop. They really do make great little "thinking of you" type gifts.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Orono Days - part 1

Hey, I'm not sure if you know or not but this coming Saturday, September 6th is Orono days. It's a fun little festival and there are usually vendors and artists and things for the kids to do, etc... It's small but fun and the town blocks off the road in front of Pat's pizza and you can roam the little booths and just enjoy your day. Judy's will be having some store specials but there will be more on that to come.

For right now though, I want to let you know that there will be some local artist's and crafters setting up some tables outside of Judy's shop. Rose, a longtime customer and amazing jewelry maker, will be there selling some of her designs.

Here's a few things you should know about Jewels By Design:

- All of the jewelry is made with sterling silver, copper or 14K gold-filled wire (nothing plated!)

- She hand wraps a variety of stones while making necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

- Bangle bracelets are available in silver, gold, and two-tone (most popular to date).

- Every piece is dipped in an anti-tarnish solution which ensures years of wear without the discoloration.

- and, it's beautiful!

Be sure to check her stuff out on Saturday.

I'll be there too with some of my goods but more to come on that and other store specials in the upcoming days. But for now, just clear your calendar Saturday morning and plan to stop by and say hi and do some shopping - Christmas is only a few months away!


Monday, September 1, 2008


Welcome Back UMO students!

As a new school year starts remember that Judy's sells all sorts of gift items including locally made, and locally themed, products.
Go Black Bears!