Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pot Pies, Paper & Perfection...

I'm back. Thank you for your patience while I was taking a little blog break. I needed it! Not sure about you but I go through spells where I feel like I'm the least creative person alive. Then, I take a break, play with my food and miracles happen....

After I created this lovely masterpiece for my little one, I sorted paper into piles and now I'm ready to go. I've been wanting for a long time to work on books for my daughters. To simplify the process, I sorted a big stack of papers into piles that fit their personality.

I have a pink pile, a purple pile and a blue-green pile. A pile for each girl and the good thing is that all the papers work together and it takes out the guess work. Now I just need to add my photos and create.

And, something else that has happened while I was away - Judy has received several new shipments. I'll show you some more of the new items in upcoming posts but for now, here's a yummy treat. These little goodies are new in our store and were featured on the Oprah List.

And, if you need to spark your imagination, buy a package and then before you eat them, make a food creation (like my pot-pie man with cheese eye lashes and apple hair ).... it will spark your creativity and make you very happy - I promise!

By the way, it's good to be back!

edit: The candy treats are chocolate covered sunflower seeds - YUMMY!!!


Mrs. Fence said...

The pie man is too funny, Amy. Glad to have you and your wonderful sense of creativity back.

rubyslippers said...

So happy to have you back! I love your pie-man -- it reminds me of the days when my own kids were little!

Mona said...

It automatically made me smile when I opened up the site and something new was there for you. Love the pie man and also the idea of sorting papers into piles matching someone's personality or the topic of something to be created. Makes it easier to get started and to get things done when you don't have to stop to go searching for the right paper -- it keeps the creativity flowing.

Thrilled to have you back!