Friday, October 2, 2009

I've been beat!

I absolutely love it when one little clever idea (Thanks Cindi) can spark so many other great ideas.

First we showed you just the free standing pumpkins, then the card, and now look at these ideas.

Judy made this little decorative can by using a balloon punch - seriously! A balloon punch! I love how the bottom of the balloon makes a pumpkin stem and the over-all shape is darling. You should know, she made it known that she "one-uped" me. I, of course, denied it over the phone BUT, the pictures don't lie - she did! And it's adorable.

Be sure to look at the punches you have on hand and think of ways you can use them beyond their intended purpose.

And, Rose Boynton brought is this extra large pumpkin - this would be awesome for a harvest themed centerpiece.

and finally, Orono's rec. dept even got involved too. Their afterschool program kids put together this. This would look so great on a window sill or mantle.

So, what else can we craft with these little pumpkins? If you've got any other ideas be sure to email me a photo and we'll put it on the blog.



Mona said...

Love the decorated cans and thrilled that here's one more way to use them.

I have no picture but just an idea that with all of the various tools that are available for making circles and ovals in any size imaginable, it seems the same concept could be used to make a pumpkin shaped booklet that could serve as a small scrapbook filled with pictures of costumed kids or taken at a Halloween party.

Amy W said...

Mona, already got one in the works. I'll have to rush to beat Judy though.

lisa said...

the ideas generated by one little pumpkin are amazing! i love how it's got everyone thinking! i have to say that i went right to christmas ideas--maybe coz i'd already taught my halloween card class and am on to the next theme :) i'm gonna take them to judy's so she can take the picture and get it to you, Amy.