Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I made a yummy batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins this week. They were absolutely delicious. (I know because I ate most of them - oops!) I made them with the intent of giving them away but putting such a delicious treat on a boring plate really didn't do them justice. So, I remembered a past post and a creative idea from Judy and whipped up a paper basket in no time at all - took about 3.5 minutes. Not joking! They are that easy to make.

So, if you have fall treats to deliver soon, consider whipping one of these cuties up. You can see the directions here: Tisket-Tasket a cute paper basket

And, if you want some yummy paper (non-edible of course) to make your basket with, check out these new fall papers that Judy's recently stocked. They are beautiful.

The first set above had me drooling, I love those colors and patterns.

And these are simply fall goodness! I have visions of all kinds of things made out of the orange polka dot.

Judy has quite a lot of more new papers in stock. The Halloween lines are so cute but I will wait until next week to show you so we don't overload on yumminess all in one day.

And, if you want my chocolate chip pumpkin muffin recipe, here's the link: Pumpkin Choco-chip Muffins

Be warned though, you might eat more than you give away and I know this from experience.



lisa said... the paper yummies and the chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (my favorite too!) the papers are even more fabulous up, close and personal--i used 2 from the last set (Amy's orange polka dots was one) to create a Halloween candy corn card--i'll try to get Judy to take a picture Saturday when I'm working and send it along for inspiration! Thanks, Amy! :)

Mona said...

Can't decide whether the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or the paper are more appealing. It's a good thing people don't have decide on one or the other since the 'recipes' for both were provided. Thanks!

Mrs. Fence said...

I just LOVE those new bo bunny papers. I have bought most of them! LOL! I haven't tried the baskets yet - Great idea! Now, I'm off to check out the muffin recipe...