Saturday, December 8, 2007

Have you seen these?

You've probably seen these canisters at the store. They are just a canister right? Wrong! They are a blank canvas waiting to be decorated.

You can do so much with these. You can alter them, paint them, poke a hole in the lid and make a bank, use them to hold supplies, or give as gifts.

Here's a little sample of what I'm doing with them for Christmas gifts for my neighbors. First, I picked some scrapbook paper I love (lots of options at the store) and trimmed it to the right size. Then, using my Xyron Cheetah (available at the store) I added adhesive to the back of the paper and wrapped the canister.

After the paper was in place, I simple added some embellishments. A ribbon, tag and snowflake make the gift container complete.

Now the question is, what will I put in them? You could put quite a lot really. Candy, gift certificates, t'shirts, and for me, well, I'm giving cookie stacks. They are easy, just bake your cookies (or buy them), stack them up, wrap in Saran wrap and place them inside the canister. It looks so much better than just giving a plate of cookies. And there you have it, a cute little gift to give away.

We have a lot of these canisters in stock, both the ready-to-decorate and some already decorated. If we can set them aside for you, let us know.

And, if you like the gift tag shown, be sure to ask about it. It's new from Daisy D's and comes in a pack of 24. All of them being different and all of them being adorable. You can use them for gift giving, for card making and scrapbooking. They are in with the scrapbook stickers if you go looking for them.

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Windy said...

So Cute! I am always looking for interesting packaging ideas. I am picturing an art supply container for brushes and drawing tools - and covered in my daughter's original art and her name.
I also have to say that I love the papers used on the example containers. I am really picky when it comes to Christmas papers. I like themes that look a bit more vintage so those really caught my eye.