Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So much to share & it's Work It Wednesday!

It's Work It Wednesday! But before I get into today's idea I want to make sure that you stay with me for a bit as I've got some new products to show at the end of this post.

Ok - Let's dive in. Today's work it Wednesday is about making your own background paper. Here's what you do:

- Pick your paper. This can be a solid color of cardstock (like the white shown) or use a pattern piece that has a small print or subtle design (like green shown).

- Using the word processing program on your computer, type a line or two of several different words or statements into a document. Once you have a few lines done, go in and change the font and color on one or two words. The example shows that "Happy Holidays" is done in red while the rest of the words are in black.

- After you've changed the fonts and colors as you'd like, highlight the lines and copy them. Place the copied text right after your first lines and then repeat the process until you've filled a whole page with your chosen words.

- Next you print. And there you have it, you've created your own background papers. I still prefer to do 8.5x11 layouts but you could use this tip on a 12x12 too, even if your printer can't print that size. Just print it on 8.x5 x 11 and place that piece of paper onto the 12x12 background. You can also use your newly created pattern paper for cards.

The coolest thing about this trick is that you can work it into any theme; birthday, Christmas, vacations, anything will work. It gives your designs a totally custom look. So cool!

Here's a sample layout and a card I did using this weeks Work It trick.

Next time you are in the store keep your eyes open for pattern papers that have a small design to them, buy some and then see how you can personalize it using today's Work It trick.

Now, as mentioned above - we have new stuff in the store! We love getting shipments and we love sharing them with you. We have the new Card Creations idea book by Paper Crafts - (I's a good one! Lots and lots of creative ideas for all different kinds of cards)

And we have a ton of new Jolee's stickers too. So many I had a hard time getting a good photo to show. There are Hockey skates, hunting, kayaking, rafting, tennis, pirates, skiing, ambulance, princess, and so many more. The detail on these stickers is amazing. Check them out when you come in next.
That's it for today - Happy Wednesday!

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