Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Work It Wednesday - Dec. 5th

Yep! It's Wednesday again. That means it's time for another Work It Wednesday idea.

Do you have a favorite layout? A layout that came together quickly and when it was done you were really happy with the end results? If so, than you need to go pull it out from wherever it is hiding and put it to good use.

Here's what I mean. Sometimes coming up with new designs for our craft isn't always easy. So when you find a layout design that works, use it again. You can repeat the design of the layout over and over. Duplicate it on another layout that has a different theme and color scheme or even scale it down and use it for a card.

Personally, I really like this layout of my daughter. It was quick and easy. I used one of the pre-packaged kits that Judy has combined together of My Minds Eye products. (the kit has a few sheets of coordinated paper plus a cool pre-printed quote - ask about them next time your in the store.)

Because I love the layout, I decided to really "work" the design, and use it again on a quick Christmas card. You can see that even though the colors changed and the size is scaled down, the design still works.

So for today's Work It Wednesday I encourage you to look through your completed layouts and find a few designs you really like and then, well, copy them. Make more layouts or make some cards. Chances are, if you liked it the first time around, you'll love it the second and third too.


P.S. - Remember last weeks tip about scraps. You should know, on this Christmas card, I went right to my pre-trimmed scraps, found a red I liked and pulled the card together in a matter of minutes.

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Kim said...

I love this weeks idea. I love the layout and the card. What a great idea and great photos as well :)