Thursday, December 18, 2008

In a Jam....

In a jam..... for gift ideas????

If you need some quick little gifts don't forget that Judy's has all kinds of items. Including these yummy jams and jellies.

And if you need a simple and quick gift with a clever saying here's a what you can do...

What you will need:
1- Yummy jar of jam or jelly
1- loaf of yummy bread
1- new bread knife
packaging (like a basket or gift bag.)

What you do:
put all the items together in the bag or basket and make up a tag that says....

"You're the best "jam" friend I've ever had. No matter how you "slice" it, you're always there when I "knead" you. Thanks for everything and Merry Christmas!"

More quick gift ideas to come....


1 comment:

Mona said...

What a great reason for stocking up on those jams and jellies and having them on hand with a few decorative knives,dish towels and gift bags. You're then guaranteed that you always have a hostess gift that only requires a quick stop at the grocery store on your way to a dinner, party or other event!