Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowy, snow, snowmen!

If you haven't notice, I'm having issues keeping up. I have so many things to show and ideas to share but am running out of time. Anyone know where I can buy more time??? Hey, speaking of things to buy, the gift shop section at the store has been updated again. And, when Judy sent me these pictures I about died. If you are a snowman fan, or know of someone who is, than stop in and check out all our snowy-snow-snowmen. I love the plate shown above and these are pretty cute too....

and, don't miss these little guys either.....

I'm totally loving all the snowmen themed products. They make great little gifts too.

And, speaking of snow - Judy is doing free mini classes on making three dimensional snowflakes. I haven't seen them yet but they are all the rage and are absolutely beautiful! Stop in and ask her about them.


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Mona said...

You are right, these are adorable. I'm thinking the stacking boxes would also be a really quick and wonderful way of packaging up something special for someone special and how wonderful that you can continue to use the afterwards.

3-D snowflakes!!!! We need to see a picture on the blog!