Monday, December 8, 2008

just a thought....

As we dive into the holiday season I've been thinking about connections. When you celebrate your traditions this year I encourage you to link them to the past and then journal about why they are important to you. Those traditions started somewhere and because you still do them, they must be special - scrapbook them!

I actually did this, much by accident, when I created this layout. However, it has quickly become one of my favorites. Not because of the design, product, or embellishments but because of the meaning. The layouts I love the most are the ones that I've taken the time to really think about and journal my feelings. I know that is hard for some to do, but it's so worth it.

So, find two photos that go together but are separated by years and then scrapbook them together and explain their meaningful connection - the results with be priceless and will most likely become your favorite work.



Mona said...

I can understand why you get emotional when you look at these photos. Viewing the spread left me wondering whether you just happened to have both pictures or whether the thought might have come to you to have someone take the picture of you performing something that's a ritual for you anyway? In either event, it's a very heartwarming spread and it should leave all of us thinking about finding something we have in common with things our parents used to do with us.

By the way -- I've found that we all turn into some version of our mothers!

Judy's Stampin' and Scrappin' said...

Mona - it was just a chance that I had both photos. I didn't discovery the relationship/connection between the two until I was going through photo boxes one day and stumbled on both of them. It was a fun discovery and I don't think it is something I could stage and still have it be as special.

Ms. O. said...

Absolutely breathtaking. I have very few photos from my own childhood, but you have inspired me to take a closer look at them!I love your journaling.

Debbie said...

Wow your daughters look exactly like you when you were young! Love the pics and love the journaling!