Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go forth and shoot

Today is the first day of fall! Fall, as I've already said, is by far my favorite season. I love it.

I was thinking about my to-do list today, it's mostly filled with boring everyday household or work related items. They are all things that need to get done but they aren't fun.

So, in honor of the first day of Fall, I've added something fun to my list.

I've assigned myself to go and take fall themed pictures today. Want to join me? If you join in and want to send me your favorite fall photo, I will post it on the blog. Email me at judysscrappin@yahoo.com by Thursday and I will post the photos on Friday.

Go forth and shoot my friends, go forth.

(plus, isn't this cool because after we take the photos we will have fresh art for future cards and layouts!)


Mona said...

I carry my digital with me all the time and can't explain why I take so few photos. It seems I am never happy with the pictures and end up deleting them when I do take them. Maybe if I took more pictures I'd get better at it or maybe I should consider taking some sort of class! Oh well, some of us just don't have the eye for taking great pictures and we just have to accept that we'll have to enjoy pictures taken by others.

Amy W said...

Mona, I just taught another photography composition class and will share some of my tips in upcoming blog posts.

Mrs. Fence said...

I didn't get out this week, but sent you a couple I did last year. Hope you like them! I'll be looking forward to your tips soon...