Friday, September 18, 2009

time of the year!

I'm not sure about where you live but down here on the coast of Maine, the leaves are starting to change. I'm seeing pumpkins placed for sale at road side stands and we've been enjoying my daughters new found baking skills and have been eating up apple crisp like there's no tomorrow. All these things point to fall. It's here and I'm loving it.

Besides the wonderful things already mentioned, fall seems to be the time I pull out my scented candles. I use them more in the fall. Probably because they are a warm welcoming smell when you come in from a cool evening walk. Pumpkin Spice, Apple Butter and Fresh Apple are a few of my fall favorites.

If you want to treat yourself to a comfort scent this season, remember you can buy scented candles at Judy's. She has all different sizes, shapes, and flavors and I'm sure you'll find one you're sure to love.



Mrs. Fence said...

I love the food scented candles in the fall...apples, cookies, cinnamon...I'm getting hungry again!

Mona said...

Mmmmmmmm.....all those scents tend to remind me of childhood an/or comfort foods. I love this time of year too and wish they made candles with the scent of new-mown hay in addition to those mentioned.