Saturday, March 22, 2008

A tisket A tasket....'s a cute paper BASKET!

Would you like to make one? Judy made these and I was going to save this idea for a Work it Wednesday but it's just too cute. Plus, since Easter is tomorrow I thought maybe you might be looking for a quick, last minute paper craft idea. Now, don't just classify this project as an Easter thing, Mother's day is coming up. And, if you pop into the store you can see other paper baskets Judy has made plus see how she stuffed them with gift items for things like baby showers and such - she is so clever. So here's how you do it....

1 - Grab a 12x12 piece of paper.
2 - Score the paper according to the directions on the diagram below with the pattern face down.

3- Once the paper is scored crease your paper in the following ways:
a) corner pieces which where scored on a diagnol should be creased up like a Mountain fold (mountain folds go up like a mountain) When creased you should have the pattern sides touching.
b) all other scored lines will be creased inward so that when folded in the back sides of the paper touch. Crease each line and then open them before creasing your next line.

4- At the point of each creased corner you can add an eyelet or punch a hole . (This gives you a place to add ribbon or other item to make the handle)

5- fold basket together as shown in picture here and above. Add ribbon through eyelets or holes to tie basket together.

There you have it.

P.S. - thanks Judy for this awesome project! I can see all kinds of future gift ideas because of this paper craft creation.

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tidyone said...

What a very cute Idea