Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Work It Wednesday

Every Wednesday we will feature a little scrapbooking, paper crafting, card making tip of some sort. An idea that will help you really "work " your craft.

Today's Work It Wednesday is dealing with scraps.

If you are like me, you hang onto your scraps. The problem is that scraps can become hard to manage and messy. Photo 1 shows my little scrap box. I keep this box out while I'm working on layouts and such so that I can quickly tuck my scraps in a dedicated spot and off of my work surface.

After I've completed my project, I'll take my box of scraps and my paper trimmer and I will trim all my scraps into a manageable size. For me, that size is 4.25 x 5.5. This measurement is the most common size for homemade cards. Once they are trimmed I keep them all organized in a little bin. Cardstock on one side. Pattern paper on the other. When I'm in need of a certain color or want to make a quick card - Voila'! I've got them close by and easy to find.

Often times I will even take this one step further. I tend to use a lot of neutral colors, like white and cream, for my journaling. My scraps of neutral colors are usually too small to cut at the measurement above. What I will do with them instead is trim them down into thin strips. Then using a stamp set, like the one below, I will stamp a bunch of sentiments. I'll bundle them up by category and keep them in my scrap bin (photo 3). That way when I need to make a card quick, I've got the paper pre-cut and the sentiment pre-stamped. All I need to do next is add a little decoration, sign my name and I'm done.

If you are interested, we've got a great new set of sentiment stamps in the store. This one shown is perfect for making cards as it has so many different sentiments and sayings.

That's it for your Work It Wednesday. Put in a good movie, grab your trimmer, your scraps, and a stamp set and you are good to go.


P.S. The trimmed scraps are good for more than just cards, you can use them for all kinds of things like punch art and photo mats too.

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Mona said...

"work It Wednesday" is a great idea and I like the hints provided this week. I've struggled for a long time with how small a scrap is too small for keeping and your suggestions give me some options I hadn't thought about, as usual. It would be great to have pre-cut pieces and sayings accessible for quick cards. Looks like I'll also be buying a new stamp set when I go to the store on Saturday.