Thursday, March 27, 2008

Perfectly imperfect with some pizazz

So yesterday's Work It Wednesday was about having a little perfection in your craft. I admitted that I'm not as picky as I used to be and sometimes a little imperfection is ok. Sometimes we are just too worried about making it "just right" that we don't let ourselves explore or enjoy the process. So, while I like my lines cut straight and my bows perfect (see previous post), most other things I let go. Don't believe me? Here's a good example:

Do you see it? Can you find the flaw? (I'm sure there's more than one) When I stamped on the layout I rocked the stamp a little too much and I didn't get a crisp image. But ya know what - I let it go. I love this layout for what it is. It's my daughter to a T. She's not going to care about the stamp but she is going to be glad I took the time to document something special about her.

And, as an added bonus for myself, I tried something new. I branched out. I stamped on glitter paper - did you know you can do that? If not, try it, it's pretty cool. You can buy it at Judy's and it really does add a nice touch and a sense of pizazz. Look for it and many other cool surfaced papers at the store.

I hope you'll always remember why you started scrapbooking and not worry so much about getting it perfect. And remember, if you comment on the post below about a scrapbook tool or item that you love, you just might win a prize.



Mona said...

I have to say it didn't jump right out at me and I had to take a close peek whe I looked for it. You need to just view it as a flower swaying in the breeze and, good for you, that you didn't necessarily try to draw the eye away from it and ended up highlight it as part of the 1 of 3 brads or whatever you used to highlight with. It's another beautiful and creative layout.

rubyslippers said...

Terrific layout -- and no, I can't see the imperfection!