Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Work It Wednesday - perfection!

Aaah, bow tying Perfection....

I learned a long time ago that scrapbooking and paper crafting weren't about perfection. However it wasn't always this way and I admit I've come a long way by coming to terms with imperfections in my crafting, I embrace them, well.... kinda! I still have to have straight cuts and I need perfect bows. For the cutting I rely heavily on my trimmer and now, thanks to Judy, for my bow tying I have a handy-dandy little gadget to help me out there too. So for Work It Wednesday I ask you what tool is it that you rely on for creating a little perfection in your crafting? Post a comment and let me know - maybe I'll feature your favorite next week. And maybe I'll even have a little prize for you. In the meantime though, here is a photo collage of a step by step for making perfect bows with the Bow Maker. You can pick one up for yourself, the Bow Maker, not the collage, at the store. And, as an added bonus, I've included a card idea that uses a bow and it's perfect - the bow that is!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

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Mona said...

Wow, finally something that looks like it could actually help someone as 'bow challenged' as I am. I hope these are still available at Judy's when I get there. I love how the posts can be moved to make larger bows too.

I'm certainly not into perfection as far as either scrapbooking or cardmaking are concerned and anyone who has ever seen my stuff will attest to that.

In addition to a ruler and, like you, my paper cutter, the item that probably makes things easiest for me for achieving some level of perfection would be shape punches. Punches in a variety of shapes (circles, squares, hexagons, hearts, etc) in ever increasing or decreasing sizes makes it easier for me to create things that have the look of perfection without any measuring.

The other item that works, though not necessarily a 'hard' tool would be the stacks of mats that are pre-cut to size for use behind standard size pictures. Quick and easy though I find myself using them less and less as my personal style changes.