Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just for Judy!

Last week I sent out a store email that I didn't ask Judy's permission to send. Normally we keep those emails for information related to new product arrivals, classes or crops but for this occasion I let you all in on a little surprise for Judy, and luckily no one spilled the beans. The request, in case you didn't get the email, was to send Judy a little note to help her count down to her upcoming 50th birthday. Between family members, friends, and store customers, the response was overwhelming.

The idea is that Judy will open one message a day, for 50 days, until she reaches her birthday. I believe she is having a great time with this. Everyday is a new surprise for her as to who the message is from and what it will say. So, because so many of you joined in and sent her special messages I want to include you in on the fun and show you some visuals of the end result.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the book and say thanks. THANK YOU to all who joined in! Judy's big day will be so much more fun because of your kindness and friendship. (If you'd like to see the book in person I hear Judy takes it with her to the shop everyday. Pop in and check it out!)


P.S. - A special shout out of THANKS needs to go to Jo-lyn and Jo (Judy's sister and mom) and Steve (Judy's Hubby) and Barb (Judy's mother-in-law) .... These four people helped spread the word and even sent pictures of Judy - I couldn't have done this without their help!

P.S.S - And, because we've had a bunch of inquires, if you are interested in making or buying one of these countdown books for a friend or loved one, let us know! You'll have to collect all the messages but we can help you out with the book building part. We can construct the book for you or walk you through the process in an upcoming class


RandallGM said...


My apologies to Judy for not participating in her "Birthday Book". I did in fact get the email but did not see it until after the deadline because, you see, I live in the frickin sticks and by the time the squirrel climbs the pole to hook up my internet I have already forgotten what I was getting online for. However, I did get to see the beautiful book when Judy gave me a wonderful surprise visit at work. Very beautiful!! I honestly thougth Judy was turning 49 this year, but I guess as the years go by I forget how nuch older than I am, she really is.
Keep Up the Great Job
Love You

Judy said...

I can't begin to tell you how much this countdown means to me. I cry, I laugh,I'm left with my mouth hanging open in awe of how kind and thoughtful your words have been. I'm finding I don't want my birthday to ever come; not; becouse I'm turning 50, but becouse I'm enjoying hearing from all of you and don't want it to ever end. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Judy

Mona said...

Oh the potential for any number of great little countdown books (wedding, new baby, graduation) or envelope books to hold bits of advice from everyone at either a baby or wedding shower or to a graduating senior from various family members. We all thought the birthday countdown was a great idea and I'm thinking there may have been messages that don't get into the book because there must have been more than 50 people who care about Judy and who might not have made the cutoff for sending in their messages.