Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Work It Wednesday

It's yet another Work It Wednesday. Today I will be working my way up to the store to spend some time with Judy. I love the vibe of being in the store and sense of possibility and creativity that I always get when I'm there. I always walk out with something I'm certain I didn't need but it was just too yummy to pass up on. Speaking of yummy, I think I've talked about this before, but for a very long time I'd describe products and papers as "yummy" if I liked them. Have you done that yourself?

Well I was wondering what to post today for Work It Wednesday and came across some photos and layouts I did that are, well, yummy. (They are yummy because of the photo subject not because of my talents or lack there of.) These reminded me of something I've done that just extends my hobby one step further and applies it to real life. I've worked scrapbooking into another area in my home and that just makes me happy. So, if you haven't ever made a cook book, maybe it is time.

Next time you do some cooking or baking simply take a photo of your yummy creation before it is consumed. Then when you have a few photos ready to go, print them out, determine your cook book size, add the photos to one side and the recipe to other. And, there you go! A simple, yummy, practical use for your hobby. Plus, if you make a few extra copies of your photos you can make a few copies of your cookbook and share them with friends or give them as gifts.


p.s. - Keep in mind you can put your recipes in a book or album or you can keep them on individual pages and store them in a recipe box. And if you want to add cooking theme product to your yummy project we've got items in stock for you to check out.


Linda said...

I did one of these for a gift for my sister. I took favorite recipes from my family in their own handwriting and inserted a small photo on them in the upper corner of the recipe card, I also photo-copied recipes that were handed down( my grams) and put them in the book with her photo. It made a nice recipe book but also a little bit of nostalgia to the book. It makes for a really nice gift. I am so excited to be coming to the crop on Saturday. This will be our 1st one of yours that we attend.

Mona said...

I have one of these scrap cookbooks that is a work in progress. I've taken a few that are in my mother-in-law's handwriting to include and have also included a few from my own mother so that recipes will be coming from all areas of the family. I haven't added to it lately, but seeing your post reminds me that I should get back to that sometime soon.

RandallGM said...

My apologies to Judy for not getting to be part of her birthday book. I live in the middle of the frickin woods and by the time the squirrel climbs the tree to connect my internet, I've forgotten what I was getting online for. So needless to say I missed the deadline. I was able to see the book when Judy gave me a very much appreciated surprise visit at work. However, I honestly thought Judy was turning 49 this year but I guess as the years go by I forget how much older than I am she really is.