Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work It Wednesday - kits!

I had big plans for the first work it Wednesday after the crop, however, the day is quickly passing so I will save my idea for next week and make today's post short and sweet.

One thing we did at the crop was work with kits. Everyone who attended got a class kit with all the items needed to make a cute little book. Everything was pre-cut and packaged so it made the actual creating process quick and easy. Sometimes I like spending a lot of time on my designs and sometimes I don't. So, when I want to whip something up quickly, using a kit is a good way for me to do that. It just helps me work my craft a little easier.

Just like the class kits, we also packaged up - with photoinstructions included, several other little kits. If you want a way to jump start your creativity without having to think much, this is a good way to go. You can follow the photo samples exactly and just glue your items in place or you can take the items in the kit and add and subtract items as you wish, in turn making it your own.

So, for today I wanted to show you some of the projects that we made kits for and maybe you'll want one (we have these kits for sell in the shop) or maybe it will inspire you to put together a little kit of your own for the next time you scrap.


Mona said...

I am a kit lover as I need all the help I can get. Guess I'll need to contact Judy and have her set at least one of these kits aside for me. Thanks ever so much for thinking of those of us who didn't get to the crop but who still love being able to participate in your overflow of creativity, in our own little way. I think, in the cropping world, it's just called 'lifting.'

Kim said...

Love the pictures of the kits. I think I will have to stop in and pick a couple of them up. I especially love the Family Circle one :)