Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unique Item

If you have a few spare moments you should pop into Judy's and just walk around. I think you'll be surprised at the variety of items she carries. Of course there are my personal favorites - the paper crafting items, but in the gift section I'm always surprised at what I find. Today's featured items are Cribbage Boards.

I've never played the game myself but I think these boards are beautiful and I know a few people who'd love to receive one of these as a gift. (I'm thinking it might be wise to start Christmas shopping early). These boards are hand crafted and really nice. Next time you're in the store check them out.

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Mona said...

Cribbage involves math so it's not a game for me, though my hubby and father both love the game. I've seen these boards and they are well crafted and beautiful and would make a great birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or 'just because' gift. I am always surprised, too, at how many books there are in the store all with very specific topics and those topics are often things I wouldn't even think of looking for when visiting a book store.