Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Work It Wednesday - Scraps

It's Wednesday! Nothing ground breaking today, just another idea for using up small scraps. You all know that I love calendars. I've made a few different variations over the years and this is just another countdown calendar idea. We have grandparents coming in September and one of my dearest friends is coming to visit and attend our crop in October. So, to help keep track of the days I've made them each their own countdown calendar.

You could very easily tweak this idea and turn it into a countdown for birthdays, Christmas, back to school, or whatever you want. To start you'll need some chipboard and a bunch of small pieces of paper, this is where I used up my scraps.

1- cover your chipboard with paper
2- wrap up your candies in scraps of paper
3- label them and attach them to the chipboard (glue dots work great to stick them in place)
4- decorate the rest of the countdown calendar.

Seriously, how easy is that?! Here's the one I made for my in-laws. I wrapped up two pieces of candy since there are two of them sharing the calendar.

And this one I made for my friend Utah Judy. I have to call her Utah Judy because my family gets confused that I have two friends who are both named Judy. Utah Judy lives in Utah and Scrapbook store Judy is well, the Judy you all know and love. Anyway, here's the other calendar...

So there you have it. Go gather your scraps and make yourself a sweet little countdown calendar.


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Mona said...

It's amazing what you can do with a few pieces of leftover scraps and other items, a bag of chocolate and a REAL IMAGINATION! Another great idea. Why is it that every time I see one of your ideas it sends my mind going off in other directions but I never seem to be able to come up with these ideas myself? Thanks again!