Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Work It Wednesday - quick and easy

Here's a quickie. If you have some scraps of paper and some left over rubons you can make this project in a snap. Not only will it make a great little gift for an office worker or a friend but you will be using up some of your paper crafting supplies in the process. And as you well know by now, that is what Work It Wednesday is all about, finding new ways to work our craft.

Besides a paper scrap and rub-ons you will also need a freestanding acrylic frame size 4x6 or smaller like the one shown above.

To start simply cut your paper to fit inside the frame. I used a 4x6 frame so my paper was cut to that size.

Then, add rub-ons or even leave the paper blank if you want. I added the word "notes" to the top of my paper.

Next you simply insert the paper into the frame. The frame will no longer be a standing frame so remember to add your paper the right way. (See photo)

Then on top of frame add a little note pad of paper. You can leave it like that or add on other items like a bow and other rub-ons. When finished add a cute matching pen and there you have it - you're done! An instant gift or a cute little item for yourself.

Have a good Wednesday!


Mona said...

You know it really ticks me off when I open up one of these "Work it Wednesday" ideas and see what new and innovative creations you've come up with this time around. I have so many of these free-standing picture frames that aren't being used so now you know what my friends are getting for their little Christmas gifts.

Kim said...

Amy, Thanks for another great idea. These would be great Teacher gifts for Christmas..

patternnuts said...

That's a great idea! I just happen to have one of those frames, empty now, and was trying to think of something to do with it.