Monday, November 17, 2008

Calling all Customers

Calling all Judy's Customers....

Hey, just wanted you to know that Judy's been busy! She has re-arranged her store, made room for more stock and if you haven't stopped in to see it, you should.

Just the paper wall alone is amazing! She's extended it all the way down, and into the back area of the store. There's a photo below, but seeing it in person is better. With it all grouped together, it is pure eye candy for us paper lovers!

All other areas in the store have changed too. More photos to come soon .... gotta go for now though!



Mona said...

The paper aisle is a wonder to behold! The flow of the entire store also seems to provide a bit more elbow room too. Great job. I know, I know, all stores rearrange and shuffle stuff to force shoppers to look for the things they want and, in the meantime, find all sorts of new treasures.

Cindi said...

loks great on the blog..and even beter in person!! I found wonderful Christmas papers today!! so much fun.