Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work It wednesday - Nov. 12

It's been awhile since I talked about the crop. In fact, a month has now past but I'm still thinking about all the great ideas I saw and were inspired by. I shared on a previous post an idea for a gift card holder that Tracy and Cindi were making, well, here's another one of their cool creations.

They had taken different Cuttlebug dies and had made all sorts of card panels. Then, they were playing around with inks to give the embossed designs some color. I loved the results they were getting and thought it was such a great idea and it looked like a fun thing to try.

If you remember right, you don't have to buy a machine to use these embossing dies. You just need a rolling pin and a firm table and you can use these dies to make your own cool card panels.

It's such a cool idea and another fun way to take a basic idea and extend it into something new.


P.S. The Cuttlebug dies shown are all from a recent shipment and are now on the floor. They are one of our fastest moving items, so if you see one you like call the store and reserve it or better yet, stop in and pick it up. Tell Judy Amy sent ya!

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