Monday, November 3, 2008

On to the next....

I survived Halloween. How 'bout you? Now it's on to the next holiday, Thanksgiving. Here's a quick peek at a little Thanksgiving themed kit we have for sale in the store. It comes with all the
papers, stickers, journaling papers and circle album. Plus, there is a photo sheet included in case you'd like to make the pages the same as we did.

It's a cute little kit and one that would be great for recording all that you are thankful for this month.

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Mona said...

I bought this little kit with the idea of circulating it around the dinner table this Thanksgiving so that everyone would have a page on which they could write their thoughts. I figured I'd add some extra pages using thinner cardboard decorated with the extra papers and stickers I bought to match the paper that was used in this kit. I also figured that if I only use 2 of the heavy board pages as a front and back cover, I can then use 2 more to make the same sort of thing for use when I gather with my family at Christmas and if I stamp a year on it and hold it together with a nice decorative ribbon, the little book can be used in the future as a Christmas tree decoration. Imagine getting to the point where one could have a small tabletop tree decorated with nothing but these little books filled with the holiday thoughts and feelings of family members over th years. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to start a family tradition of reading those little books each year.