Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Work It Wednesday

Hey all. Sorry for the late post. Here's an oldie but a goldie....

At the crop Windy (See THIS post for info on Windy) showed me some little wallet albums she had made using an idea from a past class I taught at Judy's. These may sound familiar to you because I also shared this idea and the "how-to" on a previous blog post as well. (You can find that info here - A Wallet For Dad )

Anyway, for work it Wednesday today the idea is just to re-use an idea. Simple enough, right? If you made an album for Dad in June, why not make a cute, fancy brag-book wallet album for mom for Christmas? With the holidays coming up it's a good idea to revisit those previous ideas and projects and see how you can twist them to make them into something slightly different.

I love what Windy has done with this idea. These little albums look like real little wallets. She used specialty papers on them to dress them up and they look fabulous. (Thanks Windy for sharing them with us!) If you are interested in following suit, you can inquire about specialty papers at Judy's.


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Mona said...

This re-used idea takes on a whole new look when using these specialty papers. The alligator paper would be great for creating something that looks like a purse and cold be used to hold a few mints or candy corn and placed at each person's place setting on Thanksgiving and I love the "wet" look of the other paper and think that it would be great for using for a 'shower' invitation.

Too much paper and way too little time.