Wednesday, February 4, 2009

As promised, here's a fun little Valentine project for you.

I've been making Hershey Kiss Roses for years. Every Valentine season I whip up a bouquet or two. So far this year we've made twenty-four, why stop with just two, right?!

To make it a complete gift, pair it with a tag card made from scrapbook paper.

Here's how to make them:

1- Gather supplies. For one rose bud you will need two Hershey kisses. One bbq skewer. A square of red or pink cellophane. And floral tape.

2- Stack kisses bottom to bottom and wrap cellophane around roses. Tucking in edges to make sure the kisses are wrapped tightly as shown.

3- Add pointed end of skewer to the inside of the cellophane. (It should rest near the point of the bottom kiss)

4- Starting at the base of the bud, wrap floral tape tightly as shown in picture. This will hold the bud in place on the skewer and cover the leftover cellophane. Continue wrapping skewer until it is completely covered with floral tape.

To make the bouquet, compile several roses and wrap them in tissue paper or place in a vase.

For a quick and easy tag card you will need: Two tags, a heart punch and some tape. Place the two tags side by side. Run a strip of tape so it overlaps both tags. Fold and crease so the two tags now become a folded card. With your heart punch, punch out a heart from the front (see photo of completed tag at top of post.)

And last but not least, when making your tag or card, remember that Judy's has a ton of great Valentine papers in stock right now. Stop in and check them out.



Mona said...

I just love both parts of this idea and they are obviously quick and easy.

Thanks again for another great idea and also for providing the simple to follow directions.

Julie said...

What a clever idea - thanks Amy.

Mrs. Fence said...

I love this idea - I may have to go buy some kisses today!

Debbie said...

Thank you so much for the cool idea Amy! Patti called me as we are having a crop at my house again this weekend...our 2nd one! We have a possibility of 14 of us getting together and she said..I think we ought to make these roses for Saturday! SO....we are going to put them together tomorrow night after Patti and our friend Melissa get to my house! Thanks so much!