Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work It Wednesday - Feb 18th

It's Wednesday. Which really is a bummer because I've been thinking it was Thursday all day. It's not. It's just Wednesday which means I should share a quick Work It Wednesday idea. Today's idea is not a new idea but it's one I love and was reminded about recently when I was compiling some of my favorite layouts together.

The idea is to use hinges to hide your journaling, make more space on your layout, and to add interest to your design. Hinges were big a few years ago. You can get them in pretty much any shape, size, and finish you want but for me the smaller the better. I've never been big on bulk and so small hinges mean flat, and I like flat.

Here's a few up close shots of what it looks like and how it works:

The easiest way to add a hinge is to adhere your paper with hidden journaling (white paper in photo) to the inside of the back plate. I just used a double sided adhesive to do so. Then attach the front paper (pink in photo) with brads to the front plate. It really is that simple!

Now, I know what you are thinking. How will the journaling be read if it's in a page protector? Well, I don't really worry about that. Those that want to read it will pull it out and do so, others will see what's on front and move on. If that doesn't work for you, you could cut a slit in your page protector to allow the hidden journaling to be seen.

And, don't think you can only use hinges on layouts. They work great on cards too!


P.S. Great News!!! Lisa is going to be teaching card classes again. She's all set to teach an Easter Card class on March 21st. Space is limited so call in right away to reserve your spot!


Mona said...

Love this layout and the idea of using the hinges to create some hidden journaling or to add some interest to cards. I was one of those people who, of course, bought all sorts of hinges and have ended using very frew of them. Maybe it's time to dig those out and find ways of using the supplies I already have.

Thanks for another great push!

Mrs. Fence said...

I love this layout. Great project, Amy!