Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work It Wednesday - Waterfall Books

Believe it or not, it is still Wednesday. Here are the step-by-step instructions for the waterfall albums I made last week. Plus, you can also see the original books I made a few years ago that inspired last Friday's post, you'll probably recognize them from being in the store.

Let's begin with the binding:

1) Cut a 12x12 paper in half so it measures 6x12.
2) Turn paper over and using a ruler and pen, mark at every inch all the way down the paper. (you'll have 11 marks)

3) Score and then carefully fold on the pen marks you made.
4) Accordion fold your paper so it looks like photo shown above when done.

5) Starting at the back of your book, place a 6x12 piece of paper on the end of the accordion folded paper.
6) Continue adding additional pages as shown. NOTE: Be sure to only add adhesive as shown above in photo. If you add adhesive to both sides (peaks) of the accordion paper, your book will not open! Also, if you are wanting your pages to waterfall (see next photo below) you will want to cut them one inch shorter than the last. So, you started with a 6x12 as your back page, your next page will be 6x11, then 6x10, and so forth. (you can make these any lengths you want. For monogram books like the Girl and Lucky book at the bottom of this post I adjusted my page length to fit the word I was spelling.)

7) After all your pages are added you will have something that looks like photo shown above. Just as a tip, when adding your pages, make sure they line up on the top and bottom with the pages below them.
8) Add adhesive inside each fold on the back side of your binding. This will close it up and allow it to lay flat and open like a book.

9) Cut a piece of vellum and adhere to remaining front flap.
10) Using a scrap of paper cover the edge of your binding to complete your book.
11) Next you decorate, add photos, journaling, and embellishments as you wish.

Here are the books that inspired my creation from last week:

For the Lucky book I used a plain vellum folded in half and using a spray adhesive I added flowers between the folds. I did this on the book from last week too. Instead of flowers though, I did circles to make polka-dots.

The Girl book was done very much the same only I bought patterned vellum from Judy. She has a great selection of pattern vellums, here's just a few in case you want to make a book of your own.

If you stop in to pick some up, tell her you saw it on the blog!


Mona said...

I just love these ideas for oh so many reasons: love books that can be made in a size I want and with the number of pages I actually want in them (more than one page can be cut in a size to fit behind the page with the monogram on it) and they lend themselves to any theme you might actually want to work with. Keep the ideas coming.

Kaye at Kaye's Kreative Korner said...

I hope you don't mind, I linked this post from my blog! I gave credit where beautiful credit is due! I wish I would've seen this site before I started my other books! Thanks for great inspiration, I'm going to try and make some of these!