Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Card and Envelope Album - Work It Wednesday

So, yesterday I mentioned how I like to use cards and card packs in my crafting. There really are lots of things you can do with those packs besides just use them for cards. Here's an example and step-by-step instructions on how to make a mini-album from a card pack. The album is made from both the envelopes and the cards. (Some of you made these with me at our last crop but it's always good to have a reminder. Enjoy!)

1- Find a card pack you love. Judy's has a bunch of different options. (The set I used will be available on Friday but in limited quantities) See HERE for a past post on other card packs we carry!

2 & 3 - Set aside the cards for now and choose a number of envelopes you'll use to make your album. I used 4 for my samples but you could use as many as you'd like. You will make a chain, so to speak, of envelopes by gluing the flap of one envelope onto the front of another. Be sure to line them up well with one another as this will help it align better once it's folded into an album.

4 - To make your album covers, place a piece of chipboard inside the first and last envelopes. This will help make your album a little stiffer which helps protect your pages from getting bent when viewed.

5 - Fold flap over on the first envelope to hide the chipboard that is inside. For the back envelope, cover with paper or card of your choice. Then carefully fold up your album accordion style.

6 - Insert a card, and center, in each fold of your album.

7 - Once you have them centered, punch to small holes through both the card and envelope. (holes should line up on the crease of the folds in both the cards and hooked together envelopes - see completed album photo if clarification is needed)

8 - Thread ribbon or string through holes and tie in place. Knot or bow can either go inside the card or on the outside of the envelope.

9 - When ribbon is attached you should have something that looks like this and is ready to decorate. Notice you can add a card to the crease on the back as well.

Below are some photos of the completed album we made at the crop. We used a card set from Kaiser and these sets come in tons of different colors and styles. Stop in and check them out!

I've got another fun project to show you on Friday. See you then!

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Mona said...

What a great idea and wonderful way to use up those leftover cards from sets that have been bought in the past and, for whatever reason, not used. Thanks for keeping those ideas coming our way!