Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We made it to Valentine's day. I hope you've enjoyed the Valentine's items and projects that we have been featuring. Today is my last Valentine themed post so I just want to show you the last three items I had on my list to show you. (The first two would be great if you forgot to pick something up and need a last minute gift today.)

1- This is a great gift item for a co-worker or friend. It's a stack of note cards that comes with a pen. It's a perfect non-loveydovey gift that anyone would enjoy.

2- I love this one! And, truth be told, other than the heart it's not really a Valentine item. However, the heart and the sentiment are beautiful. Where it is matted and framed, it's another perfect gift item.

3- I love these little rub-ons. I had planned to show you a completed item using them but never got to that point. These rub-ons are perfect for a page title, card, or used on the cover of a mini album that you make and give to your love. It says: "Sweetheart, my true love." awww - that's so sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! May your day be filled with a reminder that love is universal and spreading a little love around brings happiness to all.


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Kim said...

Amy, Thanks for all of these wonderful ideas for Valentines Day, Ihave enjoyed checking them out every day. However, I really think we need some more craft ideas for French Fry boxes so we can do step 1 again :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you & yours, may you make some memories today that you can keep in your heart forever ♥