Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Work It Wednesday - Photo Albums

It's Work It Wednesday! There are so many different ways you can scrapbook. You can do 12x12 or 8.5x11. You can create mini albums or scrapbook wall decor. Really, when it comes to creativity and scrapbooking there are very few limitations. I love to do all the above mentioned and then some, however sometimes I feel the need to scrapbook fast. That's were today's tip comes in - photo album scrapbooking is our Work It Wednesday feature.

In order to get you started you should pick some papers you love and trim them down to 4x6. Grab some embellishments that match and then get your photos. You will also need a photo album like the one shown above. (We sell these in the store)

To turn these albums into scrapbooks you will be taking those 4x6 papers you trimmed and will turn them into little mini layouts or journaling accents. Here's a few samples of some I've done. I also took a larger piece of paper and turned it into a bigger layout that I adhered right on top of the plastic sleeves - it worked great and made the album look more like a scrapbook.

This is a great way to scrapbook fast and I love the end result. Next time you are in the store check out our supply of photo albums and give this idea a try. It's quick and easy - two of my favorite things.


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Jamie said...

What is the make/model of this photo album?