Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Work It Wednesday (On Tuesday Night) - Repetition


1 a: the act or an instance of repeating or being repeated

Today's Work It Wednesday is less about a project and more about a reminder on how to achieve good design in your projects. There are all kinds of design rules and tips that can be followed but one of my most used is Repetition.

Repetition is simple. Just take one design element that you've put on your layout (or Card) and then repeat it again. And, to get the best result, it is best to vary the size. Below are some pages from a mini album kit that we sold in the store last spring. The album title and theme was Family Circle so on each of the layouts in the mini album I repeated the idea of the circle.

On the first layout there are 11 Circles, 12 if you count that actual outer shape. The sizes all vary and go from the large punched circles all the way down to the little blue brad holding the ribbon.

The second shows the circles repeated in a more obvious way. They are all the same size and in a line to make a quick border.

Anyway, next time you are designing something and are stumped, try picking a design element and repeating it. You don't always have to go with shape either. Repetition can be in your theme, in your colors, in your font style, etc...

And, just in case you wanted to see the new Product of the day pick - here it is:

These beautiful items are new to our gift shop and are simply beautiful. And, I love how the leaves are repeated in different sizes on both pieces! :)


P.S - If you haven't paid for your crop space, don't forget that Saturday is the deadline or your space will be released and given to someone on the waiting list.

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Mona said...

Thanks for the 'repeating' the great reminder about using a repeating shape, theme or color when putting together scrapbook pages or cards. It does seem to make things much easier but it's something that I seem to easily forget. Also love the pitcher and bowl. It seems they remind me of something Italian!