Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Halloween Products

As you know, yesterday was Wednesday and should have been Work It Wednesday. You'll have to forgive me I completely forgot. Moving on though, here are some pictures of the new product I mentioned last week.

Yesterday Judy sent me 5 emails, all full of fun images of our new stock. Over the next little while I will show them all to you but for starters, I'll stick with the Halloween/fall theme I started last week.

Up first are some adorable $1 stamps - LOVE THEM!!! (I can just see stamping a border of repeated haunted houses along the edge of a Halloween themed layout.)

Next are some Halloween themed Cuttlebug embossing plates (did you know you don't have to have a Cuttlebug machine to use these? It's true, Judy uses them with a rolling pin - ask her to give you a demo the next time your in the store.)

And last but not least are some new items in the gift shop. I love the carved pumpkin - I love how it could be used now and stay out until Thanksgiving. I'm big on decor items that serve more than one Holiday and these carved pumpkins certainly do that. You could use it for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving - now that is stretching your decor dollar!

We have a bunch of other stuff too. If you are curious about it, and don't want to wait for my next post, head on into the shop and check them out.


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Mona said...

I wondered what happened yesterday but, then again, I am having a difficult time remembering what day of the week it is too so I can't say that I blame you -- and you have way more stuff going on in your life than I have.

I guess I'll have to make a trip over to Judy's after work, either today or tomorrow, since I want a rolling pin demo and also want to see what's new in the gift corner.

Thanks for keeping us updated on the new items in the store. I appreciate it since I don't live in an area that gives me the opportunity to just drop in on my way home every couple of days.