Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's a new week

It's a new week and it will be a busy one for me. My in-laws are flying in and will stay for awhile. I'm shuffling things around, re-arranging bedrooms, washing sheets and making welcome signs. Plus, I'm finalizing crop details and trying to work my new part-time job all the while trying to keep kids happy and healthy and maintain normal family life .... does it sound like I'm complaining? Oops, sorry about that! I really do have a point. Let me get there. Because this week will be busy, I won't be on the computer much. So, just as a heads-up, my post will be short but I will post daily. In fact, I plain to highlight a new product each day.

Seriously, I know you're busy too so this will work great for both of us. Sound good? Of course it does! Here's our first...

We've stocked up on some great new punches. I love the swirly-Mcjig. It's awesome to have it in punch form so you don't have to take out the big die cuts or electric machine to make it. And, do you know how many times I've to hand cut an exclamation mark - too many to count! So, these punches are cool. Very cool, indeed! There are just a limited number on hand of each design so if you think you are interested in them, get them quick.


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Mona said...

Too many punches and too little time! I agree that these would certainly be time savers and they look like they are the really large punches so that they will actually provide us with punched out shapes that are large enough to glue in place without any trouble.