Monday, June 2, 2008

Father's Day

The week before Mother's day we featured gift items and some little projects that you could make for your mom. That was great, however since we did it just the week before Mother's day, it didn't really give you enough time to create or buy the items we featured. So, we learned our lesson and for Father's day we are starting early.
Whatcha gonna get your dad? You probably don't think of Judy's Scrappin and Stampin as your place to buy father's day gifts, however we have lots of items in our gift shop that dad would love. Plus, we've got some ideas on things you can make too. Check back every day as I will show something new. For now though, aren't these antique cars cool? They'd look great in dad's office....

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Mona said...

Now I'm not sure how I missed these truck when I was in, but I know that there are a lot of other great gifts for the guys in our lives at Judy's. Love the travel mugs, the regular mugs and the glasses with with Moose, ducks, loons, bears, etc. on them and also love the gift baskets. Any of those items along with a hand-made card would be appreciated my any man for Father's Day or a birthday.