Tuesday, June 3, 2008

For Dad

Here's a fun little idea you can make for dad, or any special man in your life. These little origami shirts have been around for quite awhile. In fact, I remember seeing them when I was a little girl and fitting enough, the first time I ever had one given to me was actually by my own dad. (He used to take money and fold it in fun ways before he'd give them to me to spend - see the link below) You can use these little shirts as either cards or gifts for dad.

To use it as a card, make a paper shirt and just attach it to the front of a card for decoration. Maybe add a pocket with a tag sticking out that says "to dad".

If you want to use it as a gift, simply make the shirt and on the inside add a note and a gift card to your dad's favorite place.

So, how do you make these? Grab some paper (don't forget you can always buy manly paper at Judy's) and check out these links for step-by-step directions.

Cool You Tube Video - showing folding steps
Money shirt
paper shirt folding steps


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