Monday, October 13, 2008

Questions for you!

Calling all Judy's croppers!

If you spent the day with us on Saturday, we have some questions for you. We'd like to know your thoughts on our event. I've listed some questions below and you can either respond directly by posting comments on the blog or send us an email at (I will be sending emails out as well, but we don't have emails for everyone who attended so I thought posting here was my best option.) We really would appreciate your responses, it will help us prepare for future events and better fit your needs and wants.

1- Was our crop what you expected it to be?
2- Do you feel it was a good value for what you got in return?
Class Questions...
3- If given the option, would you rather have a lower crop fee and no scheduled crop classes or do you like having the class and class kit as part of the days events?
4- In place of having a crop class would you prefer several hands-on work stations showing different product uses and techniques?
5- If you like having the crop class, would you prefer something other than a mini-album class? And if so, what would that be?
Other Questions....
6- Did you feel like you were well fed?
7- What is one thing about our crops that you really enjoy and would like us to continue?
8 - What is one thing you don't particularly like and could do without?
9 - If you've been to past crops, what are your thoughts on the new location?
10- We opened the crop up to more scrappers this time, do you feel it was the right number of people for the space or do you prefer a smaller group?


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Sue Bridges said...

The crop was great, as usual. You guys always do such a great job. I like the new location-lots of space close to store, etc. The lighting seemed off a bit, perhaps some wweren't working, or the tables may not have been centered to the lighting. The food was great. The goodies were awesome, as usual! My biggest negative was the temperature. I froze all day!!!! As far as classes- maybe focusing on scrapbook layouts, and common cropping challenges,using our "stuff" up as economically as possible, might be a thought. All in all a great job, your hard work was evident, and I for one certainly appreciate it! I will be ready for the next one whenever you are!