Saturday, October 18, 2008

spooky things...

Since we are on the topic of spooky things you can make, here's a quick little post about one of the canvas kits we had for sale at the crop.

These little mummies are extremely easy to make. We've painted the canvas black for you and the eyes are pre-punched so all you need to do is rip paper, ink, and assemble. Can't get much easier than that.

We have just a few kits left so if you are interested, stop in and grab one quick.


Scrappinwendi said...

Hope you dont mind but we cant make it to the store since we live in LA (lower Alabama) LOL! So we are going to make this here. I am going to try to make a Frankenstein too so I have a pair. Thanks for the great ideas. I have been sharing them with the scrappin sistahs down here. Tell Judy that the kids and I say hello and that we miss her.

Mona said...

I just love this little guy too and am wondering why I didn't pick up a kit when I was in (twice) last week! I guess if there's a kit left when I get there again, it will mean I was meant to have one. He is just adorable and I can't even begin to tell you how exasperated I am that I couldn't think of such a simple project idea myself.