Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work It Wednesday - October 15th

Today's Work it Wednesday is based off of the photo above and I'm sharing it with permission from the lovely Julie Knowlton. Julie was at our crop on Saturday and shared this layout with us. There were several things about it that caught my eye.

First, and my main point for Work It Wednesday, is the photo focal point. By taking several shots from one view point she was able to place them side by side on her layout. The overall result turned into a beautiful panoramic photo that extends from one edge of the photo to the other. Such a great idea and a perfect way to add some visual interest to your design.

Second, check out the cool title. (if you can't see it good enough as is, you can click on the photo and it should enlarge for you.) I'm really not sure how she did it, I forgot to ask, but I love the way the letters change color from top to bottom. Very cool.

So, there it is. For today's Work It Wednesday try the cool photo technique. And, really, with all the leaves and beautiful color around, this is a great time of the year to try it.


P.S. - Thanks Julie for letting us share your layout.

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Mona said...

Love the simplicity and how 'clean' the page looks because it looks like just one long picture. I know you could achieve the look that was used in the title by using chalks or even watercolor markers that can be blended, though the title here looks like it might have been generated by computer or digitally. Overall, the page looks great!