Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Work It Wednesday - October 22nd

Here's another great idea that came from the some talented scrappers at the crop. Tracey Allen and Cindi Hooks were making these...

What are they? Well, they are the most brilliant idea ever! They are gift card holders. Here's a shot of the inside and then I will try to break it down as to how they made them. Please note, I've yet to make one myself so I'm going only by how I think they were made.

From what I understand you make the inside by taking a long standard envelope, fold it in half and then cut the ends off. Add adhesive, in a small amount, down the center to hook the two sides of the envelope together. Then, using a large circle punch, punch out half circles from each end.

Then using a long strip of cardstock or thick pattern paper, fold so that yours looks like the photo. (The outside appears to be folded in a matchbox style). Adhere the folded envelope into the fold of the paper and then decorate as needed.

Like I said before, I have yet to make one, but it looks easy enough to duplicate from the photos. I know I will be making many of these for future gifts and since Christmas is just around the corner I thought this was a good idea to share.

Thanks to Cindi and Tracey for letting me post their designs. And, here's a shout out to Christy Parker who shared the idea with them. Thanks you guys - I think the three of you just inspired a whole bunch of people.



Loobylou said...

Cindi and Tracey really are very talented- and lots of fun too. I'll be making a heap of these for my Aussie nieces and nephews.

Mona said...

I love the simplicity of this idea and think even I could make these. What a great idea for holding Christmas gift cards or even as a birthday or other celebratory card. One of the pouches could hold a check, gift card or money while the other can hold a personalized gift tag.

Thanks to everyone involved with the sharing of this idea.

christie said...

I am the one that showed Cindi and Tracey these. I have a tutorial on my blog on how to make them with pictures:
These are so much fun to make!!!