Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think I'll start a new post topic called M.A.P. I love maps but M.A.P. on this blog will stand for Making A Point. Perhaps it will get you thinking and introduce a new challenge or idea for your creative juices.

One of the last assignments I accepted from the magazine I worked for was to hand over the camera to one of my kids and let them take pictures and then I was to scrapbook with the photos they took. For me, it was easy. My oldest daughter, she's 11, got the photography bug this past summer so all I had to do was take the photos she'd already snapped and do something with them.

However, since it's usually me behind the camera, it was really fun to see her perspective. I really thought she'd take pictures of her friends posing in silly fashion poses, or her sisters pulling faces - you know, kids stuff. But she didn't. She actually took some really great shots. (The stop sign photo from the previous post was one of hers)

So, in Making A point, why not hand your camera off to someone else, a kid, a husband, a friend, and have them take the photos for awhile. Don't tell them what to take photos off, just give them the camera and wait patiently for them to give it back. Perhaps you'll be surprised by what they shoot and hopefully it will give you some new material to scrapbook with.

Then, of course, pop into Judy's to pick up the supplies you need to scrapbook the photos. And, you can even send me an email of the completed results and we can share them on the blog.


P.S. The fun papers used on my layout are from Judy's - they are warm and friendly and make me happy.


Mona said...

Quite the little photographer you have there. It is so very interesting to be able to see what a younger child has for a perspective, isn't it? They always seem to surprise and amaze us by usually not doing what we expect.

I love that bright paper too and can see why it makes you feel happy. There are so many bright colors in the striped paper that a huge array of other colors could be used to complement it.

rubyslippers said...

"Passing the camera" reminded me of my mom's 80th birthday party 4 years ago! We went to a local restaurant and I found myself 'boxed in' -- I couldn't get out to take pictures of my very large family! (There were only 29 of us present that day.)

I decided to pass my camera up the long table with instructions for everyone to take at least 1 photo. It was GREAT! I got some really fun, goofy shots along with some posed ones and best of all, some wonderful candids! I would encourage anyone to try this!