Monday, January 26, 2009


Isn't that a pretty site? Every since my high school interior design class I've been a fan of items that follow the principle of gradation. These punches do just that thing, if you punched out a circle in every size and then stacked them, they'd gradate perfectly! And, while I have most of these, I'm coveting that 2-3/4" punch - that, my friends, is a the Holy Grail of the circle punches.

And, while I'm on the subject of punches, these are cool too....

All the shown punches are available at Judy's. If you see one you want give Judy a call and ask her to set it aside for you. Or, better yet, just stop in and pick it up and let her know you saw them on the blog.


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Mona said...

I love punches and especially punches that I can use to stack to create something else. I use punched out shapes and then sticker or rub-on letters to create titles, to arrange as borders and even to use as a journaling block to continue a theme. I love the spindly punch that is probably listed as a snowflake and can see that several punches anchored together with a brad would make a really nice frilly flower.