Monday, January 12, 2009

oh so CUTE!!!

Judy's been busy.... aren't these adorable.

With Valentine's day coming up these would look so cute attached to a card, the outside of an envelope, to a note in a lunch box, or on a layout celebrating love.

She doesn't have many so get them quick!

(click on the photos to see them larger)


Mona said...

These are so cute. I see the little red sticker charms that I bought at Christmastime decorating a few of those little hearts. They will make great card decorations and I'd suggest she start working on the same concept but with cute shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day since there never seems to be much of anything for decorating cards for that particular event.

Anonymous said...

How neat, at first glance I thought they were clay but they are paper, nice! I need to try that but maybe with clay. They are sure to sell out!