Monday, January 19, 2009

New Product

Have you ever wanted to try your hand and making your own custom paper? We have a new product in stock that can help you do just that. And easily too! This is really easy to use and very versatile. You can use it as is or mix other items into it like glitter, dried flowers, paper shreads, ect...

I've linked a video from the DecoArt website, you can check out some project samples and see "how-to's" here: DecoArt Video

The part of the video that intrigued me the most is the part where it shows how to use this product on a page protector. It's towards the end but such a cool idea it's worth the wait! (plus the video isn't very long so stick with it.)



Mrs. Fence said...

Amy, you are supposed to put an *enabler alert* on posts like this! LOL Now I'm going to have to pick up a jar tomorrow! This stuff looks like fun!

Mona said...

This sounded intriguing but I was not able to get the link to open up and even when I went to the website and then chose the product so that I could view the video, it would not open. I took it as a sign that this is something I should NOT check into as it would be another thing that I might think looked interesting and that I should have in my arsenal of paper crafting items.

I'll try again later or when I have more time to figure out why I can't access the video.