Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work It Wednesday - Candy Dish

With Valentines coming up I thought I'd show this idea now. That way if it appeals to you, you could actually make it before Valentines day. It would be great on a desk or counter space. You could even wrap it up in some cellophane and give it as a gift.

So, how do you make it? First gather your supplies. You'll need some paper (I used plain red cardstock), some embellishments, ink, ribbon, and some discarded packaging.

1- Remove the plastic bowls from the packaging. If this seems familiar, I've used this packaging before for a different project. See it here.

2- Trace circles onto center of your paper.

3- Carefully cut out your circles

4- Wrap paper around container packaging. Be sure to line up the cut out circles with the circles on the box.

5- Decorate box any way you'd like and add two of the little plastic bowls so they rest inside the circles.

6- Fill with yummy treats.

If you want to take this idea a little further, you could eliminate the candy and turn this into an organizing tool for small items that you use while you scrap. Or keep office supply items like paper clips out in the open on your desk.

So, there you have it. Enjoy!


Mona said...

What a cute idea. I was just thinking I needed a few more of those smaller containers and now I have something I can do with the box that holds them. I'd love some ideas on what to do with the rest of the small containers that will come in box, but I guess a cut out circle of paper for the top of the covers, a few rub ons or some other embellishment on the top, a ribbon or even strip of paper around the container itself and a small tag or decoration to finish it off and even those would make cute and small gift holders, not just for Valentine's Day but for other occasions too. Thanks again for another great idea.

It was also nice of you to provide the link back to the previous project as I had forgotten about that one!

Anonymous said...

Love that idea!

Mrs. Fence said...

Great idea, Amy. I think I'll try this one. And Jacob will be on board because he loves the "Don't get mad, Get glad" commercials! He's always wanting me to buy glad products, so now I have a reason. Thanks!

Mrs. Fence said...

Oh, and I love your idea too, Mona, for what to do with the other containers! You are all so clever...

Cindi said...

this is a great idea! and a good excuse to buy candy too...yup, I like it!