Saturday, January 5, 2008

Before and After

You know those before and after shots? You know the ones, usually it's people who have lost weight or have had a make-over. Well I was just looking at some of our new stock of Jolee's By You stickers and realized we can apply the "before and after" concept to our paper crafting as well. Sure I have lots of layouts that I'd love to re-do and I could do before and after scans of them and then show them here (hmmm, maybe that's an idea for a different post) but that's not quite what I was thinking. Here's an example and hopefully you'll find this humorous. If you are a hockey fan or have one in your family, you'll understand completely.

The Jolee's By You stickers for the "before"

You could use these on a layout about the sport or someone's passion for it. Or you could put them on a card wishing someone good luck with their game. That's a cool idea right? (These stickers are really cool in real life, the photo really doesn't show the details or size all that well.)

Then you could do the Jolee's By You "after"

You could use these stickers on a layout or on a get well card. You know, the after the game and after the dedicated, hardworking player is on the mend. We have a friend who is an amazing and passionate hockey player but we know when it's hockey season he'll show up with new bangs and bruises daily. This would be a fun thing for him and I'm sure for many other players and fans as well.

Stop in and see what other "before and after" stories you can create with the Jolee's By You stickers that we've recently stocked. We've got other sports too, tennis, skiing, fishing, hunting, and many, many more.

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